Since 1993, Integrated National Development In Action (I.N.D.I.A) Trust, A NATIONAL PUBLIC NGO has trained and developed more than 15,000 teachers, 10,00,000 students and 16,000 parents from various schools and colleges.
100,000 final year students of Various Universities have been personally counseled.
Over 500 colleges all over India have sponsored their students for our campus recruitment cum training programme continuously for the past 20 years.
Over 200000 students have undergone our Career Management Programmes leading their career from college life to corporate life.
Over 30,000 working executives have attended our various Management Development Programmes, enriching their life and career.
Trained the police officers at Police Training College (Govt of Tamilnadu).
Management Development Programmes for doctors and executives in private and public hospitals.
Executive Career Management programme for MBA students and Post Graduate Career Diploma in Integrated Management for final year students studying in various government and private colleges attached to various universities.
Manufacturing and marketing educational technology products.
Educational and social consultancy under Family Development Foundation of India.
Corporate management training programme for senior executives and managers.
Networking NGO activities in India.
Creating productive partnership with industries.
Helping other NGOs to benefit the aged, orphans, handicapped, destitute, weaker sections.
Collaborating with foreign universities and colleges to provide integrated development.
Have custom-made Personality and Career Management Programmes for students belonging to all sections of the society.