Our past history reveals that there is no equivalent to our country in enhancing the power of the human mind. India was the homeland of the invisible powers that rule the destiny of men and nations and its ancient scriptures that form the foundation of metaphysics for the entire world.

From these sublime peaks of Indian glory we have today sunk into a virtual moral abyss of corruption, misrule and leadership delinquency.

We must perhaps acknowledge that, not withstanding all the economic and industrial development we have failed to built a just, caring, successful, powerful, healthy and wealthy society based on moral absolutes of justice, equity and compassion, that the founding fathers of our nation fondly dreamt of.

I.N.D.I.A. Trust believes that by 2020 AD, India would be amongst the
AND ITS ADVANCES IN THE SPACE TECHNOLOGY would greatly enhance its potential for education, tele-medicine, remote sensing, meteorology, disease management potential, etc.

Our nation, is predicted will develop into a HUMAN RESOURCE- POTENTIAL ORIENTED- STABLE DEMOCRACY. But economic growth to be meaningful must go hand in hand with social support and social justice. All this will be possible only if we draw upon the enormous talent, energy of younger generation of our nation, by value based, success based, enterprise based thinking. I.N.D.I.A. Trust was started, keeping the country's future at heart.

To this, I.N.D.I.A. Trust is dedicated. If the above proclamations have kindled your thought process and would like to know what our civil society initiatives are - the following is the comprehensive list of what we are currently doing and what we are planning to do in the near future.


Constituting National level Human Resource Development Centre in all Educational Institutions consisting few dedicated teachers and students, who will conduct and organise periodical programmes and events in their respective institutions for Leadership, Moral and Value education.
Adopt 100 Corporation  Schools and provide the following services
'Training the teachers' programme
Personal - Career counselling cum mentoring programme
Provide scholarship to the needy and deserving students to pursue higher education.
Identify and develop 10,000 Entrepreneurs and provide with them necessary assistance in terms of Training, Project Identification, Project plan, Resource mobilisation, Consultancy etc
Identify 10,000 unemployed youth and train on Non-academic skills and help them reach a desirable employability status.
To print and publish books and distribute as complimentary/low priced edition in Schools and Colleges.
Prepare a system to identify teachers of excellence and give them awards and nominate them for higher social status and recognise them in public forum.
Integrate comradeship between urban youth and rural youth by creating affinity and sponsorship
Influence Corporate Sector to adopt at least one Govt. school to support them professionally.
Create Awards and Mementos for leadership and cultural events.
Manufacture and distribute materials viz., Books, Audio Cassettes, CDs on National Integration and patriotism.
NGOs can be used as a nodal centre reach local, social, Educational institutions which can be used to establish a network of like minded people to conduct
Regular lectures with local eminent people
Cultural events
Seminar and public demonstrations
Display documentations of cultural heritage.
Recruit 1000 volunteers as Public Service Entrepreneurs who will undertake National service as their career and undertake the following activities:
Entrepreneurship Training
Youth Leadership
Citizenship Training
Education for Nation
Rural HRD
Environmental Management
Children Helpline for Integrated Learning and Development (CHILD)
Spreading the Values of India
Networking NGOs
Leadership Gurukulam
HRDMS in schools
Teachers' Training
Parents Education and Counselling
Corporate - Community interface
Identifying Naturally gifted students and nurturing them.
One lakh signature programme from college students for anti-dowry campaign.
One million declarations for a casteless resurgence society.
National Educational Service programme for one lakh dedicated and committed teachers.
Parenting education and management system to be imparted for at least 10 million parents.
Establish Communal harmony meeting centres in all temples, churches and mosques.
Training centres for future politicians.