Managing academic load on college students
Management Education for college students
Learning through discovery
Quality Control management
Enriching mental health
Ethics and principle centered leadership
Community education and sustainable development
Technology in classroom.
Intelligent quotient / potential quotient / emotional quotient
Educational intelligence
Character education
Reaching the unreachable through academic excellence
Parents as teachers, teachers as parents
Colleges to run like the factory and research lab
Personality and students’ adjustment problems
Transfer and functional learning
Evaluation of learning
Individual differences in mental abilities, their educational implications
Education and Training
Personal, social and moral education
The multiple functions of education
Education and National Development in India.
Education beyond college
Agencies and strategies for curriculum change
Teachers’ expectation and pupil’s achievement
Communicative competence in language teaching
Monitoring Social Health of Students
Syndicate methods
Computer assisted learning
Creating open learning system
Co-operative teaching
Criterion reference assessment
Assessment of practical skills
Individual differences and development
The theory of multiple intelligence
Educating gifted student
The development of moral and religious ideas and behaviour
Personality and cognitive styles
Integrated Education
Educational Leadership
Strategy reports
Reinforcement exercises
Management Games
Presentation skills
Critical life even grid
Syndicate training
Sensitivity training
Nominal group techniques
Counselling clinics
Behaviour modelling
Emotional Intelligence
Tough Minded Management
Mapping Human Personality
Bio Rhythm Management
Managing the Mind
Working beyond the Ivory Tower
Managing Non Performers
80 : 20 Formula
Human Potential Management
HRM in Classrooms
Critical Thinking
Benevolent Autocratic Leadership
Vision - Mission Management
Benchmarking Performance
Competency Management
Matrix and Network Management
Attitude Re-engineering
Job enrichment
Management Simulations
Management By Objectives
Economics of Behaviour
Leisure Time Management 
Collective Bargaining
Gender Management
Problem Solving / Stress Management
Role Analysis, Responsibilities
Goal Setting
Time Management
Coaching and Counselling - Management Cultural Difference
Diagnostic Planning and Assessment
Out of the Box Thinking
Leadership and Leadership transition - Empowerment
Designing reward system - performance appraisal system
Transforming technical experts into managers
Integrating Hi-technology
Quality of work life - Creative and innovation
TQM - Bench Marking
Creating a Positive Learning Environment
Feedback consulting - Supporting self directed students
In-house Developing of Academic Courses
Assertiveness Workshop - Personal Success Skills
Effective Communication - Effective Interpersonal Skills
Ensuring the training effectiveness
Leadership Skills
Teaching Ethics
Feedback Consulting
Motivating Aspects of HRD
Transactional Analysis