I.N.D.I.A. Trust is a National Public NGO, involved in the field of Research, Education, Training, Development, Employment and Entrepreneurship.

Today, the nation faces a serious problem of creating educated unemployed, underemployed and unemployable people. With more than 500 Universities and 15,000 colleges, our country bestows only the largest educational setup in the world. While the commitment of these institutions are basically tuned towards academic excellence, the need is felt to make these institutions to understand the industrial and economic need of the business.

Over the last decade we have acquired a reputation for quality management education. The fast changing industry scenario, emerging competitive realities, the technological revolution and paradigm obsolescence is well recognised by Industry Institute Interface. The optimal orchestration of resources to match the skill requirements of the inherent potential of talented boys and girls is the mission of Industry Institute Interface.

Our Credential in the last 12 years have raised us to a status to be the only organisation in the country which has served sustainably to more than 200 educational institutions and have directly helped more than 10000 students from various Arts and Science colleges, Engineering and Management institutions.

Through member organisations of us and network of multinational and transnational organisations, we have given world class opportunities to unemployed / under employed / unemployable graduates.

Our services are being incorporated in the following areas:
Training of Placement Officers for Industry Institute Interface
Faculty Improvement programme for upgrading professional competence.
Entrepreneurship Development programme with particular interest in Social Entrepreneurship and Educational Entrepreneurship.
Setting up of Career Guidance and Counselling centres in the University and other college premises.
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